To be included in our list of bean-to-bar chocolate makers, a producer must make chocolate bars from the bean. We include makers who have their bars produced in a third party factory, but we do not include those who only use couverture or add vegetable oils to their chocolate.

There are currently 273 chocolate makers in the database. You can sort the list by clicking on the 'Maker' or 'Country' column headers.

If you know of any bean-to-bar makers not listed here, please get in touch.

Maker Country
Acalli Chocolate United States
Adi Chocolate Fiji
Agapey Barbados
Åkesson’s Switzerland
Alain Ducasse France
Amano United States
Amazilia Costa Rica
Ambrosia Pastry Canada
Amedei Italy
AMMA Brazil
Anahata Cacao United States
Anthon Berg Denmark
Antidote United States
Ara Chocolat France
Areté Fine Chocolate United States
ArribaNoir United States
Askinosie United States
Bahen & Co Australia
Bar au Chocolat United States
Baravelli's United Kingdom
Barry Callebaut Belgium
Beanpod Chocolate Canada
Beau Cacao Singapore
Belcolade Belgium
Belize Chocolate Belize
Benoit Nihant Belgium
Bernachon France
Bisou Chocolate United States
Bittersweet Chocolate Café United States
Black Mountain United States
Blanxart Spain
Bonnat France
Bouga Cacao France
Brazen Chocolate United States
Bright Chocolate Australia
Cacao Atlanta United States
Cacao Prieto United States
Cacaosuyo Peru
Campco India
Captain Pembleton New Zealand
CariBeans Costa Rica
Castronovo Chocolate United States
Cello Chocolate United States
Chapon France
Chocolarder United Kingdom
Chocolate Makers Netherlands
Chocolate Mamas Tanzania
Chocoláte ~ Spirited Artisan Chocolat United States
Chocolaterie Morin France
Chocolaterie Robert Madagascar
Chocolates Para Ti Bolivia
ChocoSol Traders Canada
ChocoVic Spain
Chocovivo United States
Chocxo United States
Chokolat Canada
Cicada Chocolate Australia
Cinagra Madagascar
Claudio Corallo Sao Tome and Principe
Cocanú Chocolate United States
Cocoa Poland
CocoáFair South Africa
Coppeneur Germany
Cotton Tree Chocolate Belize
Cravve Australia
Dagoba United States
Daintree Estates Australia
Damson Chocolate United Kingdom
Dandelion United States
Danta Chocolate Guatemala
David Bacco United States
Davis Chocolate United States
Dead Dog Chocolate United States
DeBbarres Chocolate Canada
DeVries Chocolate United States
Dick Taylor United States
Doble & Bignall United Kingdom
Domori Italy
Dormouse Chocolate United Kingdom
Duffy's United Kingdom
EastVan Roasters Canada
El Castillo del Cacao Nicaragua
El Ceibo Bolivia
El Rey Venezuela
Endorfin Foods United States
Equal Exchange United States
ERITHAJ Chocolat France
Escazu United States
Ethereal Confections United States
Favarger Switzerland
Fearless Chocolate United States
Felchlin Switzerland
Finca Chocolate United States
Firefly Chocolate United States
Forever Cacao United Kingdom
Franceschi Venezuela
French Broad United States
Fresco Chocolate United States
Friis Holm Denmark
Frolic Chocolate United States
Fruition United States
Gabriel Chocolate Australia
Garden Island Chocolate/ Nanea Chocolate United States
Ghirardelli United States
Giddy Yoyo Canada
Grenada Chocolate Company Grenada
Guido Costagna Italy
Guittard United States
Habitual Chocolate Canada
Hachez Germany
Hacienda El Castillo Ecuador
Hazel Mountain Chocolates Ireland
Hoja Verde Ecuador
Holy Cacao Israel
Honest Chocolate South Africa
Hotel Chocolat United Kingdom
Hummingbird Chocolate Canada
ICAM Italy
Idillio Switzerland
Indaphoria Bend United States
Indi Chocolate United States
iQ Chocolate United Kingdom
It’s Chocolate! United States
Jordi's Chocolate Czech Republic
Kakaw Belize
Kallari Ecuador
Kiskadee Chocolates United States
Kuna Yala Spain
Kyya United States
Lake Champlain United States
Land Chocolate United Kingdom
Le Criollo France
LetterPress Chocolate United States
Levy Chocolate Finland
Lillie Belle Farms United States
Lindt Switzerland
Living Libations Canada
Lonohana United States
Luker Colombia
Lulu's Chocolate United States
Madécasse United States
Madre Chocolate United States
Mahogany Chocolate United States
Malagasy Madagascar
Malagos Chocolate Philippines
Malmö Chocolate Factory Sweden
Mana United States
Manifesto Cacao Colombia
Manoa United States
Manufaktura Czekolady Poland
Marañón Chocolate Peru
Marou Vietnam
Marsatta Fancy Chocolates United States
Mast Brothers United States
Matale Chocolate Australia
Maverick Chocolate United States
Maverick Chocolate Co. United States
Mayta Chocolate Ecuador
Meadowlands Chocolate United States
Menakao Madagascar
Metiisto artisan chocolate Sweden
Metropolitan Netherlands
Michel Cluizel France
Middlebury Chocolate United States
Millcreek Cacao United States
Mindo Chocolate Makers United States
Minimal Japan
Momotombo Nicaragua
Monsieur Truffe Australia
Nahua Chocolate Costa Rica
Naive Lithuania
Nearynogs United Kingdom
Nick's Chocolate Australia
Night Owl United States
Nova Monda United States
ÓBOLO Chocolate Chile
Ocho New Zealand
Oialla Denmark
Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co United States
Olivia Chocolat Canada
Omanhene United States
OmNom Chocolate Iceland
Organic Fair Canada
Origianal Hawaiian Chocolate United States
Original Beans Netherlands
Österlen Choklad Sweden
Pacari Ecuador
Palette de Bine Canada
Parliament Chocolate United States
Pascha Chocolate Canada
Patric United States
Paul A Young United Kingdom
Perennial Chocolate United States
Pierre Marcolini Belgium
Pitch Dark United States
Potomac United States
Pralus France
Pristine Chocolates India
Pump Street Bakery United Kingdom
Q & Co United Kingdom
Quinta Brazil
Quinto Sweden
Raaka United States
Rain Republic Guatemala
Raüsch Germany
Raw Goodies United Kingdom
República Del Cacao Ecuador
Ritual Chocolate United States
Rogue Chocolatier United States
Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Hungary
Sacred Chocolate United States
Salgado Argentina
Salt's Chocolate United Kingdom
Samaritan Xocolata Costa Rica
Santander Colombia
Santome France
Scharffen Berger United States
Shark Mountain Coffee United States
Shattell Peru
Sibu Chocolate Costa Rica
Sibu Sura  Chocolates United States
Sirene Chocolate Canada
SiriuS Chocolate United States
Sjölinds Chocolate House United States
Slitti Italy
Solkiki United Kingdom
Solstice Chocolate United States
Soma Chocolatemaker Canada
SPAGnVOLA United States
Spencer Cocoa Australia
SRSLY Chocolate United States
Steelgrass Chocolate United States
Stone Grindz United States
Strita Supreme Chocolat United States
Sublime Chocolate United States
Szanto Tibor Hungary
Tabal Chocolate United States
Taza United States
TCHO United States
Tease Chocolates United States
Tejas Chocolate United States
Terroir Chocolate United States
The Chocolate Conspiracy United States
The Chocolate Tree United Kingdom
The Oakland Chocolate Company United States
Theo United States
Theo & Philo Philippines
Tobago Cocoa Estate Trinidad and Tobago
tōcōti United States
Treehouse Chocolate Co United States
Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate United States
Valor Spain
Valrhona France
Vao Vao Madagascar
Venchi Italy
Videri United States
VietCacao France
Villars Switzerland
Weiss France
Wellington Chocolate Factory New Zealand
Westminster Kingsway College United Kingdom
White Rabbit Cacao New Zealand
Wild Sweets by Dominique & Cindy Duby Canada
Wilkie's Chocolate Ireland
Willie's Cacao United Kingdom
Woodblock Chocolate United States
Wren Chocolate United States
Xocolatl United States
York Cocoa Works United Kingdom
Zazubean Chocolate Canada
Zokoko Australia
Zotter Austria
Бритарев (Britarev) Russia