White Rabbit Cacao

From the website:

White Rabbit Cacao is Alison Holland and Matt Dicey 

A lifelong affair with chocolate, a holiday and a significant birthday: these were the ingredients that led to our initial interest in the process that makes chocolate. For the birthday Alison received a seminal work on the art of the Chocolatier - this was the beginning of a new direction - how much of a new direction we weren't prepared for. We never managed to make it past the first chapter which told the story of how chocolate is made from the bean to the bar.   

We started to discover that there was a very interesting world of artisan bean to bar manufacturers beginning in the US making chocolate highlighting the origin of the beans. With ties to the wine industry, the idea of the different flavours from different origins and the influence your process has in nurturing these flavours also piqued Matt’s interest. 

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