Бритарев (Britarev)

Бритарев (Britarev) is a Russian bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Moscow.
From the website:

My name is Konstantin Britarev. I and my associates do craft chocolate "Britarev."

Three key differences between our craft chocolate from industrial:

1 For the production of our chocolate, we use only the basic ingredients: cocoa beans and cane sugar. No substitute cocoa butter, lecithin, flavoring, emulsifiers, and so forth.

2 We do not use ordinary Forastero variety, which occupies 94% of the total world production of cocoa beans and is used in the manufacture of industrial chocolate we use cocoa beans only rare aromatic varieties: Criollo and Trinitario.

3 beans are ground in a stone melanzhere 48 hours or more. It is in this way making chocolate chocolatier XIX-th century, when it was first invented chocolate bar. At the moment, to accelerate and reduce the cost of production in the chocolate industry used ball mill (filled with metal balls). The beans are ground in just 40 minutes and with a large heated up to 140 degrees, why does all aromatic cocoa bean. Plus sends metal particles in chocolate, unlike granite, which is used in melanzhere. That's why we use only a stone melanzher.

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