"ArribaNoir Chocolatier is a panacea to quench our chocoholic urges. WE love chocolate, WE LOVE high-quality chocolate! We could not find, on a consistent basis, a source for high-quality dark chocolate to provide us with the nostalgic flavors we fondly remembered from our childhood. It took us three years to reconnect with the right cacao experts and purveyors who, together, have compiled "literally" centuries of experience. We tried and tested, and then tried again and again, then tried some more until we confidently secured a reliable supply of high-quality cacao for our Bean-2-Bar products.

Our cacao beans are carefully selected and bought directly from the growers for our specific needs. There are no middlemen or brokers involved in our cacao selection process. Then, our experts master the key step for perfect fermentation, to guarantee that every cacao bean will be utterly ready for roasting and conching."

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