Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate packed with powerful blend of superfoods: 

  • Maca - An ancient adaptogenic Peruvian plant, balances and boosts natural energy
  • Spirulina - Freshwater algae used as a complete protein with all the essential amino acids
  • Moringa - Widely known as the 'Miracle Tree', moringa contains everything the body needs
  • Bee Pollen - A rich source in vitamins with natural antibiotic qualities 
  • Shatavari - Ayervedic herb which strengthens the immune sysyem and balances hormones
  • Goji Berries - Full of antioxidents, the goji or wolfberry is commonly used in Chinese medicine

The Bar Facts

Maker Anahata Cacao
Type Dark Chocolate
Ingredients Cacao, coconut palm sugar, maca, spirulina, moringa, bee pollen, shatavari, goji berries

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